Lydia Loves Paint

Hi there!

My name is Lydia and all the artwork you see here is created by me. I am based in Torquay Victoria and absolutely love to paint, design and create.

Every time I paint I am fascinated by the way paint runs, and the texture and patterns it forms. Colour especially has a huge influence in the way I work.

Usually I head out to paint with colours in mind and then let the fun begin! Most of the time I go a bit wild throwing, dripping, spraying, pouring paint and seeing how it falls onto the canvas. Only about 10% of my paintings are made using a paintbrush. And these are usually the ones with the bristles stuck together from my last painting venture!

I always paint outside and tend to use anything that is around me at the time. I love to work with natural tools, rocks, leaves, branches anything I spy has a large chance at being used as an element in my work. Every time I paint something totally different can eventuate and this is what I enjoy most.

I have a degree in Graphic Design and have worked for over six years in the packaging industry. I do custom Graphic Design anything from packaging to a business logo. I love working with clients and going through a creative process together to design something they can be truly proud of. Any Graphic Design enquiries please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your project.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I have enjoyed creating it.